Wholesale Jewelry – Discounted Pricing on Bulk Jewelry Orders for Store Owners

Recycled Skateboard Jewelry by Everskate is proud to offer wholesale jewelry pricing to brick & mortar stores, boutiques, pop-up shops, and select online retailers. We’ve worked with great store owners throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Australia, and Europe.  We can be found in skate shops, gift stores, grocery markets, and at variety of other retailers.wholesale jewelry, necklaces, skateboard, bulk, discount


Wholesale Policies & Benefits

Pricing & Availability: We offer wholesale pricing on all of our wooden necklaces and keychains.  Currently, we are not offering a wholesale discount on any rings, bracelets, or decorations. Our discounts are typically 50% off or more, and we may be able to offer additional incentives depending on how you order.

Minimum Order: Minimum opening orders are typically $75-150 depending on which platform you order from. We generally have no requirements with regards to item quantity as long as you meet the minimum dollar amount.

Turnaround Time: We are typically able to ship wholesale orders out within 2-3 weeks. Orders of 40 or more items may take longer. We will always try to get your order out early if possible and keep you updated if there are any delays.wholesale jewelry, necklaces, skateboard

Production & Finished Product: We do not keep significant inventory on hand, so most products will be made specifically for your wholesale order.  Each item comes in a releasable plastic pouch with a paper description and 2 stickers. Since the packaging is resealable, you can take the jewelry and/or keychains out to display on their own if you wish.

Display & Price: We have no requirements with regards to how you display or price our jewelry and keychains. On opening orders, we usually include an 8.5 in. x 11 in. cardstock sign as a possible option.

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Order Directly through our website

To order wholesale jewelry directly from our website, please email us: info@skateboardjewelry.com
We can either make you a custom wholesale discount code or put together a personalized order for you.


We look forward to working with you!